Trending Bridal Makeups That Girls Are Looking Forward To In 2022

Trending Bridal Makeups that girls are looking forward to in 2022
Trending Bridal Makeups that girls are looking forward to in 2022
  • May 10, 2022

A wedding is a beautiful dream for every girl out there. No one wants to miss the chance to look like a princess and complete their fairytale stories. That’s why your makeup on your big day plays a crucial role to add an overall charming look.

When it comes to the trendy wedding look of 2022, the first picture that pops into our minds is the classic minimum makeup look of Alia Bhatt for her big day.

She has broken all the myths by choosing a no-makeup look for her wedding. Nude lips, soft eyes, and a blushing bride, what's not to fall in love with? 

With the changing trend, many options have opened for brides to choose their makeup looks. It’s absolutely up to them whether to choose a nude makeup look or a brilliant and bold look for the wedding day. Brides-to-be can choose their looks at the time of the trial of their makeup to know exactly how they are going to slay on their wedding day. 

In this blog, we are going to make you familiar with all the trendy looks that brides would love to choose for their wedding. 

Have your eyes on the below trendy Bridal Makeup looks : 

1. Minimum Makeup Looks: Nowadays, the brides are following the rule of “less is more” and that’s why they are choosing their bridal attires as a subtle and clean look. Matching their outfit, they opt for a dewy base, subtle highlights, glossy lips, and soft pink cheeks for a mesmerizing look. 

2. Natural and Healthy looking skin: Gone are the days when people were even satisfied with the cakey foundation makeup. Nowadays, according to the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi, brides are looking forward to natural skin-like looks. The most trendy makeup in 2022 is going to be the peachy and color blush colours. 

3. High Impact Eye Makeup Look: By opting for beautiful eye makeup, the brides are letting their eyes do all the talking. For a sophisticated look, the shimmer eye makeup is just the perfect look to opt for. Perfect eye makeup is also responsible for lifting up the overall look. 

4.The soft pink look: The soft pink makeup look is never enough for girls. Many brides have started choosing the pastel pink shadow for the perfect right tone to look amazing on D-Day. 

5. Bold makeup with Smokey Eyes:
As per top Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi, the trend of smokey eyes can return in the upcoming years.

However, this time the brides will not choose the typical black smokey eyes but maybe a light soft brown smokey eyes to look elegant on their wedding day. The bold makeup looks can also come back in the upcoming years. 

The above makeup looks are just the perfect to make you look elegant and sophisticated on your big day. However, there are different bridal makeups that can be done by the team of Pooja Goel’s Khoobsurat as per the customer’s demands. So, your worries about your bridal look have gone as the team of the best makeup artists is standing next to you.