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Renowned Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi

No one wants some stress to do their makeup on their wedding day. Wedding day makeup is quite different from that of you do every day. This is where we stand out of the crowd. Khoobsurat.in is one of the most reputed centers to hire freelance makeup artists in Delhi. Makeup artists in our team are experienced and trained in science of colors with makeup application. We consider the color of your skin, eyes, hairs and body face but also the color of your dress, light sources at the party even you are going and theme.

We are counted amongst the top hub for makeup artists in India. We have numerous renowned fashion expert and freelance makeup artists that are well versed with classical, modern and trendy makeovers for magazines, fashion shows, editorial shots and magazines. We have a vast experience in providing bridal makeup, wedding makeovers, events and party makeup in Delhi. The out of the box thinking of our artists along with their amazing fashion sense make us stand class apart by adding elegance and beauty to their clients. We are not only artistic in nature but also are passionate for this field of work

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We believe in delivering quality makeup and outlook with compromising with the fashion ethics and standards. Being a masterstroke, our long years of experiments, practices and training during our stint as freelance makeup artists helps us to give you an edge over others. Complete satisfaction of our clients is all we need. Contact us for give your face a new look.

Ms. Pooja is offering her services as Freelance Makeup Artist to some very popular brands. In the last 15 years of her career, she has perfectly seen the fashion industry. She knows your requirements and helps you in getting the fabulous looks.

Freelance makeup Artist in Delhi