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Hair fall treatment

Hair Fall Treatment

Hair fall is a very common disorder found in people of all ages. The causes could be varied, and the best way to remedy this is to remove or treat the causes. Normally diet, lifestyle, temperament, diseases and environment are the causes of hair fall. We at Khoobsurat adopt a two pronged strategy to treat hair loss: prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

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Massaging, styling, dieting and regular cleaning and oiling hair prevent hair fall. Cleaning, massaging and styling at Khoobsurat are done by skilled hair dressers. Hair fall treatment is not the same for all individuals. Difference in age, gender, overall health, and skin type determine the hair treatment that we would provide. Shampoo, oils, lotions and creams used by us are of A-1 quality and tested. We carry out an allergy test before applying shampoo or oil to your hair or scalp. Instruments used are disinfected to prevent occurrence of infections.

Hair fall treatment in Delhi