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Threads for skin tightening

Threads for Skin Tightening

Thread lift is a non-surgical way of skin tightening. This less invasive process using suture threads is effective in reducing sagging around neck, cheek, and jaw line. Thread lifting or suture lifting has replaced conventional facelift surgery as it is faster and safer. Another advantage of doing thread lifting is that results are noticeable and at a substantially lower cost when done from Khoobsurat.

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For thread lifting we use sutures. These are surgical threads used in stitching cuts and wounds. These are placed like suspension cables under sagging areas of your face to keep them in place. This process of threading does not require anaesthesia of any kind and yields immediate results. We colloquially term it as ‘lunchtime’ skin rejuvenation therapy for the time required to complete this process.

Thread lift is an ideal option for skin tightening without the inconvenience and stress associated with surgical procedures. This is restricted to certain areas of your face. A thread lift job done by us lasts for about two months.

Threads for skin tightening in Delhi