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Permanent lip coloring

Permanent Lip Coloring

Permanent lip colouring is a rage among present generation ladies. Mostly, lip colouring is done for bettering appearance. At certain times, colouring is done as a medical procedure. To us lips are beautiful features of a face that create smiles and show emotions. Lips ideally should be aligned at the centre of a face with even space on either side of a face.

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We in Khoobsurat do permanent lip lining and colouring for women of all age groups. It is not that lip treatment cannot be done for men, but usually they keep away. Our lip colour procedure includes an initial analysis of lip and face shapes. This is done by experienced professionals who also are experts in lip designing. Lip colours are chosen with care as they must match with skin colour.

Our beauticians are highly trained in the use of new colouring techniques. Like all beautification processes, we use hygienic and safe ingredients to protect against infections.

Permanent lip coloring in Delhi