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Mole removal

Mole Removal

Moles are coloured skin growths appearing on skin. These moles which could assume any colour might appear anywhere either in groups or singularly. Moles being harmless and painless are not always removed except only for cosmetic reasons, or if they cause any discomfort while wearing clothes or jewellery.

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Removing moles is a surgical task and involves trained practitioners. We at Khoobsurat engage qualified and trusted practitioners for doing mole removals.

Cutting – A pair of surgical scissors or a sharp scalpel is normally used for shaving off moles. Sometimes moles could be deep rooted and require deeper incisions for removal and stitches for curing.

Burning – A current carrying wire is used for burning upper skin layers. Heat generated by electricity prevents bleeding. Multiple sittings might be necessary to remove moles by burning. Local anaesthesia is used before beginning this procedure.

Freezing – We also do mole removal by freezing. In this process liquid nitrogen is applied on the mole which dries up completely. The dead mole falls off after few days.

Mole removal in Delhi