Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology in Delhi

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is known as a spa treatment. In this treatment, the therapist works on the reflex points on the feet, hands and ears that are somehow connected to specific glands in the body. Stimulating those points by pressurizing them with the fingers promotes improvement in related organs.

Hair Spa

Hair Spa in Delhi

Khoobsurat Hair Spa is offering impeccable services in giving your hair a perfect look. Our dedicated professionals are fully capable of giving your hair the perfection that they deserve. In our hair spa parlour we give your hair a proper pampering so that they grow healthy and strong. We are offering various treatments to your hair to remove imperfection....

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Body Whitening Treatment

Body Whitening Treatment in Delhi

Body Whitening is also known as skin bleaching or lightening of the skin. It is the process of lightening the skin tone by reducing the concentration of melanin. It is all about making your body look younger and more presentable in appearance. is considered as the best makeup artists in New Delhi, India....

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Body Polishing

Body Polishing in Delhi

If you want to remove dead cells from your skin, then try Khoobsurat, best body polishing salon in Delhi. Here, we are offering body polish service which is quite useful in removing dead skin cells and allow new cells to grow. This helps in providing the fresher look to your skin....

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Body Wraps

Body Wraps in Delhi

At Khoobsurat, we aim to make you glorious, beautiful and healthy with the goodness of nature. We offer best body wraps spa at our Paschim Vihar and Rohini branch. Also counted as a leading body wraps parlour in Delhi. Our experienced experts have created every scrub & wrap with minerals and vitamins enrichment formulation so as to detoxify your body. Our scrubs are full of seasonal fruits tha...

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Spa Pedicure

Spa Pedicure in Delhi

For improving the condition of your nails and feet, Khoobsurat - a leading spa pedicure salon offering foot massage service at affordable price. Our experts use high quality mineral extract to treat nails disorder and nail diseases.

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Spa Manicure

Spa Manicure in Delhi

Experts of Khoobsurat are offering manicure services to take care of your hands. We are highly experienced in providing hand massage service to our clients. We use high quality mineral oil along with other techniques to provide nourishment to your nails and hands. Also counted as a renowned spa manicure salon in Delhi....

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Steam Bath

Steam Bath in Delhi

Khoobsurat is providing world class facilities for steam bath. Our steam bath spa chambers are filled with aroma that provide you relaxation, alter your mood, remove stress and ease muscle tension.

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Panchkarma Treatment

Panchkarma Treatment in Delhi

Khoobsurat panchkarma treatment consists of Nasya, Vaman, Virechana, Vasthi and Raktha Moksha. It is quite useful in removing toxic elements from the body. This treatment is basically a detoxification and purification treatment of the skin. These Panchkarma therapies help in removing illness causing toxins, stress, and other harmful secretions from the body and making your body healthy & beaut...

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