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Pimple treatment

Pimple Treatment

Pimples are nothing but a type of more stubborn acne. Blackheads and whiteheads are effectively cleaned topically by applying solutions, whereas pimples require more rigorous treatment like administration of antibiotics. For treating pimples, we at Khoobsurat advise our customers to always keep their face clean and dry. Topical solutions are best for keeping affected areas clean and dry.

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Using soap repeatedly to clean face is never desirable as that would result in skin becoming too dry and lifeless. We recommend washing affected areas with plain water repeatedly. We advise wiping your face with topical solutions after every wash. Solutions like hydrogen peroxide or azelaic acid have superior astringent qualities and leave your skin oil-free and clean. Stubborn pimples should be treated medically. We advise medical treatment for treating such cases. We also recommend healthy fat-free diets for customers affected with acne. Normally we take four weeks for treating pimples.

Pimple treatment in Delhi