Uplifting Enhancer Treatment

Uplifting enhancer treatment in Delhi

Khoobsurat is offering world class Uplifting Enhancer Treatment using latest machinery and technology. This technique is very useful in providing perfect shape and size. All of these treatments are performed by our experienced professionals under the supervision of highly qualified medical experts.

Crystal Clear Facial

Crystal Clear Facial in Delhi

Khoobsurat is offering crystal clear facial to make your skin clearer and bright. This very beneficial in removing the dead cells of the skin and improving the blood circulation, thus providing fresh and shinning look.

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Illumination Facial

Illumination Facial in Delhi

This facial gives your face a glorious and shinning look. Our experts use international products to cure the damaged cells of the skin in illumination facial. They remove the dead skin cell and provide very glowing look to you.

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Miracle Facial

Miracle Facial in Delhi

At Khoobsurat, we are offering miracle facial in order to provide new look to your skin. Our facial products are enriched in minerals and vitamins. They are very effective in removing dead skin cells. They also effectively expand the pores of the skin so that toxic substances ooze out of your skin and your skin appear clear, fresher and brighter....

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Classic Aromatic Facial

Classic Aromatic Facial in Delhi

In this facial, Khoobsurat experts give you a facial filled with flowers, minerals and other ingredients which are very effective in treating skin. The rich aroma of flower and fruits help in revitalizing your skin as well as your senses.

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Skin Lightening Facial

Skin Lightening Facial in Delhi

If you want to make your skin appear brighter, then for that Khoobsurat is offering Skin Lightening Facial which is quite effective in making your skin brighter and white.

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Dehydrating Facial

Dehydrating Facial in Delhi

Tired of dull, sallow and unattractive skin, why don’t you try dehydrating facial of Khoobsurat. Our experts use mineral rich oil along with various herbal extracts to bring back the shine of your skin.

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Lifting And Lightening Facial Through RF

Lifting And Lightening Facial Through RF in Delhi

Sun rays, dust & other atmospheric factors adversely affect your skin cells. If all these have taken away shine, charm & color of your skin, all you need is a skin lightening facial at Khoobsurat.

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