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Skin lightening

Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is a cosmetic process of lightening darker areas of skin, or in general getting a paler tone. This cosmetic process is used to remove dark patches or melasma, and remove birthmarks or blemishes. The basic principle of this process is reduction of melanin that gives human skin its appearance. Melanin not only contributes to colouring of human skin but also protects is from sun rays.

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At Khubsoorat, we use lightening creams, chemical peels, and laser therapy for melanin treatment. But before opting for any skin lightening treatment it is essential to consult your family physician. This being a chemical process involves use of several creams, lotions, and solutions. Having an allergy report helps in skin lightening cosmetic processes. We insist on doctors’ reports from customers before progressing with any skin enhancement techniques. A dermatological test is always ideal for such situations. Even a report from your family physician could be of enormous help to us.

Skin lightening in Delhi