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Fillers for lip enhancement or cheeks augmentation

Fillers for Lip Enhancement / Cheeks Augmentation

Lip enhancement is a cosmetic process that gives plumper and fuller lips. We at Khoobsurat use hyaluronic acid, an injectable derma fillers for enhancement of lips and around the mouth. This acid occurs naturally in human body and is highly effective in increasing the volume of lips. Hyaluronic acid is better than collagen that was used earlier as dermal filler. Fat fillers also are no longer used as they have harmful side effects.

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We use hyaluronic acid fillers as it gives better shape and structure to your lips. Volume increase is also noticeable. Gel present in the filler lends support to the tissue present in the lips and also helps in giving a distinct shape. A single dose of filler injection lasts for about 6 months after which fresh injections are needed. Possibilities of allergic reactions are unlikely as hyaluronic acid fillers are produced from substances that are similar to those found in human body.

Fillers for lip enhancement or cheeks augmentation in Delhi