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Panchkarma treatment

Panchkarma Treatment in Delhi

Khoobsurat panchkarma treatment consists of Nasya, Vaman, Virechana, Vasthi and Raktha Moksha. It is quite useful in removing toxic elements from the body. This treatment is basically a detoxification and purification treatment of the skin. These Panchkarma therapies help in removing illness causing toxins, stress, and other harmful secretions from the body and making your body healthy & beautiful.

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Nasya: It involves the cleaning of the nose. In this, medicated oils are passed through the noise in order to clean the toxins from neck and head.

Vaman: In this therapy the toxins of the respiratory track is removed.
Virechana: to remove the toxins of the liver and gallbladder this therapy is used.
Vasthi: Vasthi is most beneficial rejuvenating treatment.

Raktha Moksha: It is the purification of the blood. It helps in eliminating the toxins of the blood thus improving the oxygen level in blood. This is quite helpful in making body healthy and good looking.

Panchkarma treatment in Delhi