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Sebo control therapy for oily scalp

Sebo Control Therapy for Oily Scalp

Khoobsurats Sebo control therapy is meant for treating oily scalp which is the principal cause of dandruff. Sebo control therapy regulates sebum secretion thereby relaxing your epidermis or the outermost layer of skin. In the process it also hydrates and regenerates the entire region.

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The control therapy is essentially a mixture of fruit acids, vitamins obtained from herbs. Presence of bisabolol and hamamelis assists in normalizing the functioning of sebaceous glands and relaxing inflamed areas. After ‘sebo control therapy’ the area becomes light, dry, and healthy in appearance.

Sebo therapy at Khoobsurat is carried out by trained professionals under hygienic conditions. Therapists are dressed in sanitized uniforms and wear surgical gloves for the process. As the control solution is prepared from plants the possibilities of allergic reactions cannot be ruled out. Before a patient undergoes a Sebo control therapy an allergy test is carried out.

Sebo control therapy for oily scalp in Delhi