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Blackhead removal

Blackhead Removal

Blackheads occur when skin pores are clogged with excess sebum that is secreted by sebaceous glands at the root of hair follicles. Sebum when comes in contact with air gets oxidised and turns black. Face scrubbing repeatedly is not at all recommended for removing blackheads as it causes dryness which induces more sebum to be secreted.

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We at Khoobsurat rely on natural ingredients for removing blackheads. Natural ingredients are mixed to form packs which are then applied as masks on face or affected areas. Several combinations are available with us, and our trained beauticians are experts in determining the perfect mask depending on the nature of blackhead and your skin type. Some of the masks used by us include:

  • Clay
  • Milk and honey
  • Cinnamon and honey
  • Egg white
  • Water and baking soda
  • Mint and apple cider vinegar

Together with pack treatment we recommend regular exercising for faster and longer lasting results.

Blackhead removal in Delhi