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Permanent Eyelashes Extension

Permanent eyelashes extension

Permanent eyelashes extension

Permanent Eyelashes Extension

Enhancement of eyelashes is now an accepted form of beauty treatment seen particularly among women. Lash enhancement is a delicate process that involves patience and finery. Only expert beauticians with immaculate skill could do eyelash extensions. In addition to skilful hands, proper instruments and ingredients are required to make eye lash extensions really noticeable.

We at Khoobsurat, like all other beauty treatments engage specially trained beauticians and superior quality materials for eye lash enhancements. We offer a choice of silk, mink and synthetic lashes with size varying from 6mm-17mm. The process involves fixing these lashes with specially made semi-permanent glue one at a time. Depending on the number of lashes to be fixed an entire enhancement could take 2 hours.

Several precautions are taken while making eye lash augmentation. We maintain several categories of glue and use them as per individual’s sensitivity. It is not always necessary to opt for lash enhancement in entirety. Even partial enhancements could have an equally dramatic effect.

Approach us for safe eye lash enhancement at an affordable price.

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Khoobsurat is founded by one of the most eminent faces of fashion industry Ms. Pooja Goel. She has earned laudable recognition across the globe for her significant contribution to the fashion industry. At our makeup studio...

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