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Permanent mole creation

Permanent Mole Creation

Many women love to have a mole or beauty spot created mostly on face. Though permanent moles could be created on any part of your body, they are most preferred on face for prominence. Creating a beauty mark is done for enhancement of appearance and is very popular among celebrities. Cheek bone, chin, portions above or below lips are common areas of beauty spot creation.

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Like any other permanent makeup options, mole creation is done by well trained beauticians at Khoobsurat. Sterilized equipments and sanitized surrounding are ensured before any such procedure. Needles used in the process are new and discarded after using on a single customer. For permanent mole creation the spot is cleaned and needs to be healthy. Permanent makeup is never possible on wounded or healing skin. The chances of infections are always high in cases of wounds or bruises. We also take care of not creating a permanent enhancement near an existing mole.

Permanent mole creation in Delhi