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Photo facial for skin lightening

Photo Facial for Skin Lightening

Photo facial at Khoobsurat is done by IPL (intense pulse light) therapy. An IPL source is applied on to a target area for about 30 minutes. This causes blood vessels and collagen under epidermal layer to constrict, thereby reducing age lines and redness of skin.

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Photo facial is an effective therapy for hyper pigmentation, sun damage, and rosacea. This latest method of transforming blotchy red skin to a radiant variety is done by qualified and trained dermatologists. IPL not only treats sun damaged skin but also skin affected by wrinkles, pores, and freckles. 

We use IPL photo facial as an effective process for treating multiple cosmetic irregularities like acne scars, skin discolouration, damaged skin texture, and patches. Before undergoing IPL therapy, consulting our dermatologists is compulsory. Though IPL is a safe process these sessions are necessary to understand the exact nature of your skin and the extent of therapy needed.

Photo facial for skin lightening in Delhi