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Ears piercing

Ears Piercing

Ear piercing is the perfect way to improve your looks permanently and in affordable manner. Piercings could be done even at an early age. In a country like India girls have their ear pierced even when they are 4 or 5 years old. Grown up girls and ladies go for multiple ear piercings depending upon preference.

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In India it is a custom to have ears pierced by jewellers and goldsmiths. This is not at all advisable as it could result in infections. For piercings always insist on beauty clinics like Khoobsurat that ensures healthy surroundings and experienced hands. This is especially crucial for children as they are more susceptible to infections and allergies.

We use piercing guns for ear piercing. These are safe and convenient to use. For kids piercings are done on ear lobe, while for grownups it could be done along the helix or lobule. The entire process of piercing is done after external ear is thoroughly wiped clean with antiseptic solution. Equipments like the gun, needle, or gold wire are also cleaned with antiseptic solution. Our practitioners wear surgical gloves while doing ear piercing.

Ears piercing in Delhi