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Hair growth treatment

Hair Growth Treatment

Hair growth treatment is based on stem cell therapy. This therapy involves replenishment of dead or lost stem cells and is done by highly skilled therapists at Khoobsurat. Stem cell therapy is long lasting and highly effective.

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Stem cell therapy is a time consuming process as each hair pore is filled with stem cells acquired from hair follicles. While inserting stem cells molecular signals are sent to hair follicle cells which in turn induce hair growth. Lifeless hair follicles become new and healthy. The stem cells are capable of multiplying through process of cell division.

This process of hair growth treatment as done at Khoobsurat is completely safe and takes about 3-4 months. This process of hair growth is safe for both men and women. This being a non-surgical method does not involve the risk of infections or allergies. Instruments used in this method of stem cell implants are thoroughly sterilized and disinfected.

Hair growth treatment in Delhi