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Ear candling for blockage dark circles sinus migraine

Earwax is a symptom, which though not very common is found among many. Accumulation of ear wax is an aural condition that could be treated as a primary care at Khoobsurat. Ear wax removal is a delicate procedure and needs experts to do it perfectly.

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Wax removal involves dripping few drops of hydrogen peroxide or water down your ear canal and then draining it out. This draining out is done by turning on your side. Before draining out, the hydrogen peroxide or water droplets are left to stay inside your ear for some minutes. Sticking objects for getting rid of ear wax is harmful as the gunk could go deeper.

Wax removal gives relief to blocked ears and prevents infections from bacteria that might be present in ear wax. Ear cleaning at Khoobsurat is done under hygienic conditions and by thoroughly trained professionals.

Ear candling for blockage dark circles sinus migraine in Delhi