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Anti acne treatment

Anti Acne Treatment

Acne is a common disease particularly among teenagers and those with oily skin. Treatment for such acne is now easy with Khubsoorat around. The choice of topical substances has increased significantly thereby making the treatment of acne simpler and easier. It is advisable to go for acne treatment at Khoobsurat instead of relying on across the counter medicines. At Khoobsurat we carry out anti acne treatment depending on allergic sensitivity of skin.

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Peroxides – Benzoil peroxide is used by us for treating acne caused by bacteria. Benzoil peroxide is highly effective in killing bacteria which could become resistant to antibiotics. Solution concentration depends on sensitivity of skin of patient: lesser the sensitivity greater is the concentration of solution used.

Topical retinoids – This vitamin A derivative is particularly used in the initial stages of acne formation. Retinoids are also used as long-term maintenance therapy.

The duration of anti acne treatment could vary from person to person. Only expert therapists are deployed for acne treatment.

Anti acne treatment in Delhi