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Keratin treatment for dry and dull hairs

Keratin Treatment for Dry and Dull Hairs

Keratin treatment is a hair straightening procedure meant for curly or wavy hair. With this treatment your hair is not only straightened, but made shiny and healthier. Though keratin treatment has its share of disadvantages it is a popular method among women. Keratin naturally present in hair helps in keeping hair shiny and straight. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle reduces the level of keratin and makes hair look dry and lifeless.

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We at Khoobsurat do keratin treatment to make your hair look shiny, smooth and straight. Adding keratin is an artificial process that lasts for about two hours. Our hair stylists use keratin based shampoo for cleaning hair before applying keratin solution, which is thereafter applied with a brush. After keratin treatment hair must not be wetted for three days. A single treatment lasts for at least three months. This process is safe and without any side effects.

Keratin treatment for dry and dull hairs in Delhi