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Stem cell therapy for hair growth and stop hair fall

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth & Stop Hair Fall

Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical process for stimulating hair growth. The process involves stimulating and re-growing of hair follicles using stem cells present in the middle of existing hair follicles. When stem cells are inserted into pores of the scalp, molecular signals are sent to follicle cells resulting in hair growth. Stem cells bring back life into hair follicles that have turned lifeless.

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This treatment for hair re-growth is conducted over a period of 3-4 months at Khoobsurat. Stem cell therapy is among the safest and long lasting therapies for hair growth. This non-surgical process encourages hair growth from dead hair follicles. This therapy not only is a remedy for hair loss but also a method of improving hair texture and quality.

Stem cell therapy at Khoobsurat is done by expert therapists. We use sterilised instruments and the surrounding is disinfected for preventing the occurrence of any infections.

Stem cell therapy for hair growth and stop hair fall in Delhi