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Permanent eyebrow enhancement

Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement

Eyebrows are like frames to your eyes and have immense aesthetic quality. Eyebrow enhancement is among the commonest of the beauty treatments done by us. Eyebrows could become sparse due to congenital reason, diseases, excessive plucking, alopecia, chemotherapy or trauma. We address each one of these ailments with permanent cosmetic eyebrows.

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Enhancement of eyebrows at Khoobsurat is done in multiple ways:

  • Colour change;
  • Partial gap fill;
  • Full enhancement;
  • Alopecia brow procedure;
  • Highlighting; and
  • Scar repairing.

We choose between a glamorous look and a natural appearance; and opt for the one that is most suitable.

Before the actual process of enhancement, we conduct a thorough question-answer session. This session helps us in determining the exact process to be adopted. We also decide on the shape of the new eyebrow in case the earlier one is completely destroyed. Opinions of customers undergoing eyebrow enhancement are respected and listened to.

Permanent eyebrow enhancement in Delhi