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Prp treatments for hair growth and stop hair fall

PRP Treatments (Platelet Rich Plasma) for Hair Growth & Stop Hair Fall

At Khoobsurat, we do PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment for hair growth as a proactive therapeutic option for patients suffering from hair loss. This is a non-surgical process and carried out on candidates who need stimulation as an option of hair growth. This non-surgical procedure lasts for about one hour and is totally safe and reliable. Recovery period is fast and the end results are truly remarkable.

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This process essentially involves injecting PRP into the scalp with the help of thin needles. Once injected these cells stimulates hair growth naturally. PRP used is extracted from the patient’s blood only. The chances of blood borne diseases are thus completely eliminated.

Here it needs to be noted that PRP therapy for hair growth cannot be used in conjunction with any other therapy or hair growth methods. Only specially trained therapists are engaged in Khoobsurat to do PRP hair growth process.

Prp treatments for hair growth and stop hair fall in Delhi