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Our Blogs

Silicone Makeup Secrets How To Achieve A Picture Perfect Look

In todays world of Instagram filters and high-definition cameras, achieving a picture-perfect makeup...

Radiant Bride How To Achieve A Flawless Wedding Makeup Look

A wedding day is one of the most significant and cherished moments in any bride's life. It&apos...

5 Essential Hygiene Habits That Your Makeup Artist Must Have

Keeping clean is essential. Keeping one's workspace nice and clean is a fundamental priority fo...

3 Steps To Finding The Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist In Delhi

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How To Recreate Celebrity Looks With Makeup Artistry

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The Best Makeup Studio In Delhi A Clear Path To Become A Pro Makeup Artist

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Ultimate Makeup Recommendations For Dry Skin From A Pro Makeup Artist

The moment we talk about cosmetics, having dry skin might cause some specific issues. As a professio...

Why Makeup Artists Are Key To A Successful Bridal Makeup On Your Big Day

Everyone wishes to look top-notch on their wedding day since it is an occasion you will never forget...

How Pro Makeup Artists Create A Natural Glow Makeup Look

Creating a natural glow makeup look may seem overwhelming, but with the appropriate tools and method...



How far in advance should I book my bridal make-up appointment?

We recommend booking your bridal make-up appointment as soon as you have a confirmed wedding date. This ensures availability and allows time for consultations and trials.

Is HD makeup suitable for outdoor events and photography?

Yes, HD makeup is excellent for outdoor events and photography. It is designed to provide a natural, flawless finish that looks impeccable both in person and on high-definition cameras.

Is the Uplifting Enhancer Treatment suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the Uplifting Enhancer Treatment is safe for sensitive skin. Our trained technicians will customize the treatment to ensure it's gentle yet effective for your specific skin type.

Can I wash my hair after getting a Keratin Treatment?

It's recommended to wait 72 hours after the Keratin Treatment before washing your hair. This allows the treatment to fully set and provide optimal results.

How often should I get Microdermabrasion for best results?

For optimal results, we recommend a series of treatments spaced about 2-4 weeks apart. Our technicians will provide a personalized treatment plan during your consultation.

Can I style my hair with heat tools after Permanent Hair Straightening?

Yes, you can style your hair with heat tools after Permanent Hair Straightening. However, it's important to use them on a low to medium heat setting to avoid damaging the hair.

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