Eye Rejuvenation

Eye rejuvenation in Delhi

At Khoobsurat, are offering eye lift or Eye Rejuvenation treatments you make your eyes look attractive. This treatment is very beneficial in removing the aging signs that occur around the eyes. This removes the aging sign across the eyes, thus gives you youthful look.

Ear Candling

Ear Candling in Delhi

If you worry about ear wax, then try Khoobsurat’s ear candling to get rid of ear wax. Our ear candling technique is safe and it doesn’t provide any harm to your ears.

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Non Surgical Face Lift

Non Surgical Face Lift in Delhi

If you are worry about aging signs and sagging of your skin, then Khoobsurat is offering non surgical face lift to cure all these skins problems. After the treatment you will appear much younger, attractive and glamorous.

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Microdermabrassion in Delhi

Khoobsurat experts are offering microdermabrassion techniques to remove scars and marks on the skin, giving you fresh and confident look. This technique will give fresh, attractive and scar free looks to you. Microdermabrassion is very effective in removing scars, marks, wrinkles, skin irregularities, and providing skin a smoother look. Our experienced professionals use modern methods in doing th...

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Glycolic Lactic Acid Peels

Glycolic Lactic Acid Peels in Delhi

For those who don’t want any bulky treatment of face, experts of Khoobsurat is offering Glycolic/ Lactic Acid Peels to remove dead skin cells and to provide bright and shiny skin. Our experts use glycolic acid along with various other mineral rich products to remove the signs of acne and aging, thus giving you a fresh look....

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Mesotherapy Hair loss Treatment

Mesotherapy Hair loss Treatment in Delhi

Worry about falling hairs or baldness; try mesotherapy of Khoobsurat for thick and healthy hairs. Our mesotherapy is very effective in treating falling hairs. With this you will get strong, silky and thick hairs.

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Mesotherapy Anti aging Treatment

Mesotherapy Anti aging Treatment in Delhi

Want to look younger, try mesotherapy of Khoobsurat for removing aging signs. Our experts use high ranked international products along with the herbal extraction and mineral rich oil to provide fresh and younger looks to you.

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Lifting And Lightening Facial Through RF

Lifting And Lightening Facial Through RF in Delhi

Sun rays, dust & other atmospheric factors adversely affect your skin cells. If all these have taken away shine, charm & color of your skin, all you need is a skin lightening facial at Khoobsurat.

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Hair Growth Treatment Through RF

Hair Growth Treatment Through RF in Delhi

We encourage hair growth using modern RF equipments. This is a most prominent method of increasing the hair growth and reducing baldness in which the skin cells of skull are stimulated using RF techniques in order to increase the blood circulation. This improves the oxygen level & prevents the accumulation of the toxins. This directly affect at the roots of the weaker hairs preventing them fro...

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Double Chin Removal Through RF

Double Chin Removal Through RF in Delhi

Contour your face at Khoobsurat through Double Chin Removal through RF. We are specialist in tightening your skin at jaw-line, making you attractive & smarter.

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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation in Delhi

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a widely used non-invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation. It helps in restoring the youthful look of skin. If your skin is showing the aging signs and you are shying away from parties, then all you need is skin rejuvenation Photo Facial using IPL at Khoobsurat....

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Skin Whitening

Skin Whitening in Delhi

Khoobsurat is offering skin whitening treatment using Q switch Laser technique. If your skin has dark or brown spot or it has dark color, then this is the perfect treatment to remove all bad spots from your skin.

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