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Commercial makeup

Khoobsurat is a leading commercial makeup salon, offering exclusive commercial makeup pack for women. If you are a leading face of your product, then don’t let bad makeup spoil your campaign. Use our commercial make up pack for heightening your campaign.

We have extensive experience in offering beauty related services. We make sure our experience and final touches on your skin will give you the glamorous look. We will provide all of your beauty needs. Call us or Book your appointment now for your commercial campaign.

Avail the services of commercial makeup artist in Delhi at reasonable rates. We, at Khoobsurat, have vast experience in offering transforming lives. We use international brands along with modern equipment during our makeup sessions. These help a lot in giving you sizzling looks.

Our professionals will help in removing the imperfections of your skin, thus offering you flawless skin. The high fashion touch will boost your confidence level. The international cosmetics used by our experienced professionals will definitely have a positive impact on your personality & you will surely look ravishing. Moreover, all our services are offered at very impressive & affordable prices. These will never going to bother your pocket.

The commercial makeover is basically a broader category. In this, the artist has to provide the makeover to the models, actresses and cinema artists. This is basically the covering which helps in enhancing the features of the model. The artists give you the whole new impressive look so that you get awesome looks.

At Khoobsurat, the complete set of makeover is provided by Ms. Pooja Goel, a noted Commercial Makeup Artist in Delhi. For the past one decade, she has been involved in providing makeover to the models and fashion stars. She knows what exactly is the requirement of the models and make them to look attractive.

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Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Marriage is a very auspicious occasion and every girl wishes to look stunningly beautiful on that day. It is a lifetime opportunity that wont come twice. Khoobsurat Beauty Salon offers exclusive bridal makeup services to everyone who wishes to look extraordinary on the big day of their life. Pooja Goel, who is an eminent bridal makeup artist in Delhi, is an expert of grooming the brides who is kno...

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Party Makeup

Party Makeup Artist in Delhi

Going for a party, try out Khoobsurat's- makeup studio Delhi, party makeover packages to get charming looks. The salon is run by Ms. Pooja Goel, who is a well known professional party makeup artist. With huge experience, she will enhance your looks and beauty. These make-up packages will give you very stylish look and you will become the centre of attraction at the party....

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Celebrity Makeup

Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi

It is the desire of every woman to look great. Everyone girl or woman, no matter what she does, wants the looks of the model. The reason being people admire celebs walking on the ramp or at the red carpet. The makeover plays a crucial role in glamorizing your looks. It is mandatory for you to take the helps of the celebrity makeover artist for this purpose....

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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup Artist in Delhi

Airbrush makeup is one of the advanced trends in which the makeup is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. Through its innovative makeup technique, it has been gaining much recognition in the makeup industry for some time. Khoobsurat is a renowned makeup salon that caters all your requirements for airbrush makeup. We have...

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Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup Artist in Delhi

So your wedding is round the corner and you have prepared all your dresses, sandals and everything in your head. But wait, what about your face? Are you ready for the day? Do you think a usual makeup will help you look extraordinary on the big day? Can you risk your looks and makeup for the wedding that is going to come for once in a lifetime! These are some of the questions you need to ask yourse...

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HD Makeup

HD Makeup Artist in Delhi

Explore the best virtues of High-Definition Makeup right here at Khoobsurat. HD Makeup is definitely not your regular makeup. With the advent of the high definition technologies in video and photography, it has now become imperative for makeup artists to adapt to the changing methodologies to render much clearer pictures....

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Professional Makeup

Professional Makeup Artist in Delhi

If you are searching for professional makeup artist in Delhi, then you have landed at the right place. Welcome to Khoobsurat Beauty Salon. We are the leading spot to lend professional makeup to clients and accomplish the dream of giving you attractive and glamorous looks. We have a passion for it and we do it all by our heart....

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Silicon Makeup

Silicon Makeup Artist in Delhi

Khoobsurat Beauty Salon, best silicon makeup salon in Delhi offering exclusive beauty packs. With this your skin will appear fresh and attractive. We use latest technique while providing makeup to your skin. These packs are very useful in treating acne....

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Shimmer Makeup

Shimmer Makeup Artist in Delhi

Having extensive experience in making you beautiful, Khoobsurat, a renowned shimmer makeup salon in Delhi, offering shimmer makeup pack to nourish your skin. In this, we will use skin mineral rich booster. After applying this, your skin will glow and you appear luminous and sparkling....

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Nude Makeup

Nude Makeup Artist in Delhi

Looking for something different then try Khoobsurat nude makeup pack. Make trends change rapidly but it always remain in style. Our nude makeup artist will give you a natural and attractive look with our makeup pack.

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Freelance Makeup

Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi

No one wants some stress to do their makeup on their wedding day. Wedding day makeup is quite different from that of you do every day. This is where we stand out of the crowd. Khoobsurat.in is one of the most reputed centers to hire freelance makeup artists in Delhi. Makeup artists in our team are experienced and trained in science of colors with makeup application. We consider the color of your s...

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