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Pain treatment through rf

Pain Treatment through RF

What is an RF?

Radiofrequency (RF) is a therapeutic procedure which is used to eliminate the nerve pain symptoms. Because of the unbearable pain, clients run for different treatments. By destroying these nerves, pain signals are prevented from being transmitted from the spine to the brain. Our Pain Treatment through RF service is totally dependant on this procedure. Khoobsurat.in runs its Salon in New Delhi. We are the service providers.

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How do we do it?

The Pain Treatment through RF procedure involves the X-ray guidance. Our specialized radiologists insert a thin needle and inject contrast solution. The contrast solution is designed to highlight the client’s anatomy to make sure the nerve that is causing pain is precisely targeted.

After Treatment

When the procedure is successful, improvement is usually noticed within two to three weeks after the procedure. It may take up to four weeks before symptoms improve. We are the professional Makeup artists who are engaged in providing our clients with a unique Pain Treatment through RF.

Pain treatment through rf in Delhi