Body Lift

Body lift in Delhi

If you are feeling dejected and inferior due to excessive fat on your body, then Khoobsurat is offering body lift to remove the additional fat from your skin. In this technique, our experts remove the fat from various parts of skin like buttocks, and thighs.

Inch Loss And Weight Loss Session

Inch Loss And Weight Loss Session in Delhi

At, Khoobsurat, we are offering weight loss and inch loss sessions so that you get proper figure in specific time duration. Our experts have tailored these programs so that you can reduce your waist and weight.

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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck in Delhi

If you are not getting taut & toned tummy even by exercises and dieting, than you must try Khoobsurat Tummy Tuck treatments. We use latest techniques under the supervision of medical experts to remove excessive fat from your abdominal.

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Tucks Therapy

Tucks Therapy in Delhi

If you want to get taut & toned tummy, then you must try Khoobsurat Tummy Tuck therapy. We use latest techniques under the supervision of medical experts to remove excessive fat from your abdominal.

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Body Shaping Through RF Therapy

Body Shaping Through RF Therapy in Delhi

Khoobsurat experts are offering RF therapy to get your body in proper shape. This therapy is very useful in removing excess fat from the specific areas. This therapy is supervised by our medical expert so that there should not be any harm done to your body....

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Figure Correction through Fractional RF

Figure Correction through Fractional RF in Delhi

Are you looking for the Figure Correction through Fractional RF? But before we proceed, we would like to tell you about the Radio frequency (RF). RF is a technology which is used for the non-surgical tightening of the body. This treatment is ideal for those people who don’t believe that they are old enough to have a surgical procedure. We are the best Makeup artists and running our Salon in ...

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Quick Weight Loss

Quick Weight Loss in Delhi

Are you looking for real fast ways to beat your weight issues? If you’re currently battling weight gain and are interested to get rid of the excess weight soon then contact professionals at Khoobsurat!

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Fat Loss

Fat Loss in Delhi

Fat loss is way different than weight loss. Fat loss is all about getting rid of the obstinate fat deposits or inches from those parts of your body that you just couldn’t tone with the help of exercise or diet. Khoobsurat has earned worldwide accolade for the plethora of fat loss services offered by it including body shaping, chocolate therapy for weight loss, body correction and detox thera...

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Body Firming

Body Firming in Delhi

The Body Firming treatment works on toning your muscles and changing your body shape. It uses a very low voltage current and is a form of electrical stimulation ideally suited for firming and toning body muscles. We use the electric conductive pads to pass electricity through the specific muscle groups....

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Spot Reduction

Spot Reduction in Delhi

Unfortunately – contrary to popular belief, it is not really possible to aim for “spot” reduction of abdominal fat with the help of exercises and diet. In that case, there would have been more people with flat abs than what you can see now. You can strengthen your muscles with the help of exercises but the fat is restored in your abdominal region to make up for the energy you&rsq...

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Arm Tuck

Arm Tuck in Delhi

Flabby arms might as well be a product of various possibilities. Talk about old age, or naturally sagging skin—flabby arms can be a natural outcome. Professionals at Khoobsurat can bring the best of their “non-surgical” skills to the fore to help you out of your woes....

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Hip Tuck

Hip Tuck in Delhi

We are famous among our clients as the most trusted makeup artists in New Delhi, India. Here, we provide our clients with the unique treatment in which they can get rid of their fatty rear magically. Our slimming centre is equipped with the advanced machines which are 100% effective....

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Thigh Tuck

Thigh Tuck in Delhi

If you are looking for tauter, more toned legs then look no further than Khoobsurat. Khoobsurat makes for a trustworthy name in the fashion industry – thanks to the range of quality beauty and slimming treatments offered by us.

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Upper Back Tuck

Upper Back Tuck in Delhi

Least invasive upper back tuck treatment is recommended to those who are desperately looking to have a more toned back but have been unable to do so even with a strict exercise regime. Khoobsurat has earned enviable reputation in quality cosmetic treatments....

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Stretch Marks Control Treatments

Stretch Marks Control Treatments in Delhi

Khoobsurat offers you access to holistic cosmetic treatments at affordable prices. Stretch marks- for instance- are often caused by sagging skin. If you are trying to get rid of stretch marks then make sure you’re not depending on something like liposuction because it only helps in skin tightening but doesn’t help you get rid of stretch marks or cellulite....

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Diet Counseling

Diet Counseling in Delhi

Diet control is an important part of your weight loss journey. Consult the most prudent team of fitness experts at Khoobsurat and they will tell you that your fitness routine is incomplete without proper diet.

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Cardio Training

Cardio Training in Delhi

Cardio exercises are a means to burn up a lot of calories and – of course- make for a very important part of your exercise regimen. If you are looking to knock off weight and tone your frame at the same time, then contact cardio trainers at Khoobsurat without delay!...

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Weight Trainer

Weight Trainer in Delhi

Khoobsurat offers you access to quality weight training facilities. The presence of highly experienced trainers, exceptional equipment and diet counselors has earned us unrivaled reputation amongst fitness freaks.

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Abdominal Sagging

Abdominal Sagging in Delhi

If you are worried about unattractive and sag abdominal skin, then Khoobsurat is offering effective solution to all of your problems. We are offering effective treatments of sagging of abdominal skin by using latest techniques. All of our beauty treatments take place under the supervision of medical experts. These treatments don’t have any side effects. They are long lasting and give back yo...

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Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift in Delhi

In this cosmetic surgery, experts at Khoobsurat will reduce and remove excessive fat deposit from the inner thighs. This is very useful in providing shape and looks to your thighs.

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Slimming Through Chocolate Therapy

Slimming Through Chocolate Therapy in Delhi

With the fragrance of chocolate our experts offer you chocolate massage which not only nourishes your skin but also reduces excess fat of your body. This is very efficient in removing toxins, waste substances and excessive fluids of the body, thus reducing the volume helping in reducing the fat....

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Detox Therapy For Slimming

Detox Therapy For Slimming in Delhi

Khoobsurat is offering world class Detox therapy to reduce weight. Our detox therapy helps in eliminating toxic and wasteful material of your body thus decreasing the volume of celluloid to make you slim.

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Body Shaping And Cellulite Control

Body Shaping And Cellulite Control in Delhi

Khoobsurat is offering various effective treatments to provide proper shape to your body. If you are suffering from excessive body fat on different parts of your body and desperately want to get back your attractive figure then try our body shaping and cellulite control treatments. These treatments are provided by experienced professionals under the supervision of highly qualified medical experts ...

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