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Open pores treatment

Open Pores Treatment

Pores are essential for human skin as they help in keeping skin hydrated and allow it to breathe. They also are responsible for eliminating body toxins. Open pores are caused because of oily skin, excessive sweating, ageing, excessive makeup and hereditary reasons. People with oily skins suffer most from open pores. Frequent washing of face, keeping it clean, and staying away from strong sunlight prevent formation of open pores.

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At Khoobsurat we have dermatologists to treat open pores. Using salicylic acid is highly effective in treating open pores. These seep inside sebaceous ducts to remove keratin plugs and reduce open pores. Salicylic acid is always used for oily skins. We recommend laser treatment for open pores as they are extremely effective. Lasers induce remodelling of collagen which contributes in reducing acne scars and pits on skin surface. Our dermatologists might recommend complementary therapeutic treatment for open pores.

Open pores treatment in Delhi