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Custom Glamup
Custom Glamup

Planning for your D-day, a bespoke or dreamy look would be the best choice to build a more impactful appearance. Khoobsurat, the best way to appreciate every skin tone and offer a vast range of makeovers.

Professional Cohort
Professional Cohort

Khoobsurat is among the ultimate source of trusted and well-experienced makeup artists and it is being bloomed under another professional beauteous artist named Ms. Pooja Goel.

Affordable Package
Affordable Package

Our design makeup packages including bridal to commercial makeup comes in a money-worthy investment that completely secures your skin and pockets in one go. Select your makeover package from us now.

Affordable Package
Expert Guidance 24*7

Khoobsurat is not merely your makeup artist but also caters the unmatched professional assistance and education to both beautician enthusiasts and clients to clear their versatile myths over makeup.

Makeup Artist in Delhi - Pooja Goel

Pooja Goel - Awarded Best Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR

A well-known Makeup Artist in Delhi is Khoobsurat. Khoobsurat is a makeup artistry company that specializes in producing gorgeous and flawless looks for a variety of events. Whether it's a bridal makeup, party makeup, or a fashion shoot, their expert artists have the expertise to enhance your natural beauty and bring out your best features. With a focus on using high-quality products and personalized attention to detail, Khoobsurat ensures that every client receives a customized and exquisite makeup experience. Trust Khoobsurat to transform your vision into reality and make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

Top 10 Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR

Khoobsurat is listed on the Top 10 Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR. We are among the best go-to choice for anyone looking for the most trusted and well-experienced beauty artists and stylists to makeover your elegant look for gala day or the day to remember. Additionally, we offer an array of makeup packages such as bridal makeup, commercial makeup, HD makeup, engagement makeup, professional makeup, wedding makeup, celebrity makeup, nude makeup, and more, ensuring the dreamy look of our clients can be delivered in the best possible way.

How To Choose Best Makeup Artist In Delhi NCR?

We at Khoobsurat are compassionate not merely offering glow to your skin color but also emphasizing to bring an unmatched appearance that helps to redefine your every facial expression. Here, the flock of dextrous makeup artists does not just brush off highlights on your cheekbones but also outlines your lips with both the boldness of colors as well as a nude look that suits your mood and appearance. And, we take pride to announce ourselves as choose the best makeup artist in delhi ncr. From bridal makeup to Bollywood-influenced makeup, we hold all the dynamic components of the makeup to offer you significant coverage of your skin. It can considerably transform your personality and speak out the sophisticated colors of your appearance. 

Browse the profiles of Bridal Makeup Artist

Browse our website whenever you want to learn more about makeup artists in a non-urgent manner. We have more than 100 profiles of wedding makeup artists organized by location. Examine the top makeup artists' profiles, gather all the pertinent details, and reserve them for your wedding.

Khoobsurat: Discover the Bridal Makeup Artist Delhi Near You

If you’re still in a dilemma about selecting the Bridal Makeup Artist Delhi, head to Khoobsurat, one of the most esteemed and prominent platforms to get an embellished and gracious makeover for your big days. Additionally, we are among the best go-to choice when it comes to selecting us for your wedding days. From nude to shimmering makeup, we are highly competent and exactly understand the requirements of our clients. Lastly, the lightness of our makeup helps you to make a better curve of our smiles ensuing dazzling whiteness of your teeth will capture in the canvas of frame for remembrance. Choose Ms. Pooja’s Khoobsurat for all your wedding needs.


Makeup Transformation Videos by Pooja Goel
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Awards and Accolades to Pooja Goel
(Founder of Khoobsurat)

Awarded Best makeup
Artist In Delhi

As a testament to excellence work in the glamour and fashion industry, Miss. Pooja Goel is honored as the Best Airbrush Makeup Artist by Huma Qureshi. Besides this, she is also awarded in the same category by another B-town's most stunning and fashionable influential personality named Sunny Leone. This recognition and laurels from famous celebrities help us to work hard and bring innovation along with state-of-art quality in this progressive industry. Also, we feel proud to have garnered unparalleled love and support from the top fashion brands and beauty enthusiasts. And, we aim to showcase our skills and fashion tips on the leading stage to encourage youth to choose this sector for their bright future.

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Pooja Goel, a highly renowned makeup artist and hair stylist, is the name synonymous with glamour and beauty in Delhi. With her own chain of salons spread across the city, Pooja Goel has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry. Her exceptional talent and expertise have earned her the privilege of working with numerous Bollywood celebrities, further solidifying her reputation.
We at Khoobsurat is highly coveted to hire Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi for your big days. Also, if you have a query regarding trial bridal makeup in our salon then yes, we provide bridal makeover pre-trials at a minimal cost.
If you want to schedule a meeting at Khoobsurat Salon for your radiant bridal look then, you can easily visit our website and choose your desirable makeup need. After this, you head to fix an appointment with our Best Makeup Artist in Delhi.
Undoubtedly, booking the makeup expert for your big day is indeed a chaotic task. Now, trust Khoobsurat- the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi, known for providing a top-quality and wide range of makeovers to brides at the best affordable rates. Also, while selecting the right makeup artist, you can consider the points such as years of expertise, client testimonial, methods and techniques, and even check out their trial session. Lastly, these factors help you to choose your makeover artist for your wedding day.
If you’re searching for the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi with Price, end your search with Miss. Pooja Goel’s Khoobsurat, one of the best places to wear the most fashionable and radiant look in a cost-effective solution. We offer the latest celebrity-influenced makeover transformation to our clients. So, browse our wide range of makeup packages that suits your styles and appearance.
It is no secret that booking your experienced makeup artist would be a great choice, you make your wedding dates safe and free from any hassle. Meet Khoobsurat, one of the highly trusted and Best Makeup Artist in Delhi. You can easily take a trial before your wedding season as this help you to get an understanding of your bridal look. So, choose us now.

Pooja Goel is a well-known figure in the makeup industry and the Top Makeup Artist In Delhi. She also owns Khubsoorsat, a professional makeup studio founded with the goal of providing professional makeovers to give your personality charisma so you stand out from the crowd. The team at Khubsoorat offers stunning looks thanks to their extensive experience in this field. Adding a personalized touch with the most up-to-date makeup techniques

The need for makeup artists for events like parties is increasing day by day. There can be several reasons to hire a makeup artist, the prominent one being to look attractive on camera and off camera. Pooja Goel, the owner of Khubsoorat is the Top Makeup Artist in Delhi. When it comes to your beauty routine or when you need makeup for a special occasion, the makeup services provided by the Khubsoorat team are helpful in relieving any stress that may be associated with t

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