Top Skin Care Secret With Pooja Goel

Top Skin Care Secret with Pooja Goel
Top Skin Care Secret with Pooja Goel
  • May 19, 2022

As the scorching summer recurs, our skin starts to go through changes. Isn't it? With extreme heat and dampness, our skin begins to yell for extra care-from revealing those irritating rashes and heat strokes to the harsh tan and extra care. Pooja Goel at Khoobsurat, the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi, has got you covered. She states that a skincare routine is so crucial that it can save you from unwanted summer skin problems. 

How is your skin affected by heat?

As with the weather, when it gets filled with moisture and heat increases in the surrounding area, your skin starts generating extra oil (excess sebum from sebaceous glands). The excessive oil gets stuck on the exterior of the skin, which leads to grease, stickiness, and jammed pores. Get these issues fixed with tips and tricks from Pooja Goel at Khoobsurat, the Best Wedding Makeup Artist in Delhi

The most common and natural issue to happen in the summer is acne breakouts. The bacteria and oils in the skin mix with the sweat, causing blocked pores and pimples. Greasy skin people are more prone to it. 

This Summer Nurture your skin at Khoobsurat, the Best Wedding Makeup Artist in Delhi.

Avoid Excess Oil with Face Wash.

Oily skin person’s skin can get even more greasy in summer. Use a particular face wash best suited to your skin type that can remove all the dirt deeply. Choose gentle, mild, alcohol-free, pH-balanced cleansers. Use a non-foaming face wash if you have dry skin. 

Choose a good skincare routine.

Maintain a skincare regimen and follow it consistently. Opt gel-based (for dry skin) and water-based (for oily skin) instead of using cream-based products. Use the gel-based ones as they are lighter and non-oily. Using a cleanser, toning, and moisturizing twice a day will help your skin to stay clean and fresh.

Maintain skin Hydration.

Hydration becomes the crucial key in summer in every way. A hydration face mask can be used once you are done with a face wash for extra hydration while you rest. Rinse your face often with water to freshen your skin. 

Scrub for Healthy Skin. 

At Khoobsurat, the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi advises you to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to remove excess grime and oil. Remember to choose an exfoliator that is appropriate for your skin type and to gently rub the scrub in a circular motion. Don't forget to exfoliate your lips and neck as well.

Sunscreen is compulsory.

UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun can be very severe. They can induce accelerated ageing, age spots, dark spots, and wrinkles in addition to a hard tan. Even if you spend most of your time indoors, a strong sunblock with SPF 30-50 is essential for all skin types during the summer season. At Khoobsurat we suggest, If you're going swimming, we recommend applying sunscreen several times. 

Consume more water and fruit juices. 

In summer your water intake should be 2-3 litres a day. Coconut water, watermelons, and fresh juices are excellent ways of hydration. At Khoobsurat, Pooja Goel states that having water also helps to get rid of the toxins from the body. Contain yoghurt and buttermilk in your diet.

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