Why Should You Clean Your Cosmetics During Covid 19

Why should you clean your cosmetics during Covid-19
Why should you clean your cosmetics during Covid-19
  • Jul 31, 2020

Now is the perfect time to clean your makeup brushes and throw away the expired makeup products. Well, known makeup artists in Delhi too agree with the regular sanitization of makeup products these days. With the rapid increase in coronavirus cases every day, keeping yourself safe and secure has become the need of the hour. But wait! Now that we know coronavirus is airborne in nature and can live on surfaces, do we just need human protection or rather everything in and around our surroundings? Give a thought.

Yes! You got your answer right. To keep your personal self safe, it is very important to keep the products that you use on an everyday basis clean and sanitized. Makeup products and instruments acquire an eminent place and girls and women use it daily.

Makeup products also need regular cleaning on a daily basis to avoid the virus coming in contact with them. But how? Is it possible to clean them after every use? Where and how to place these products to keep them off from the virus?

Here, we discuss some of the possible safety measures and precautions to save makeup products and increase their life -

As virus growth is affected by temperature and humidity, we must keep an alarming check on our makeup tools, palettes, compacts, and even brush handles. It is important for you to sanitize your cosmetic products and equipment as they come in direct contact with your skin and may contain the infection of coronavirus. If you have not adopted the habit to clean and sanitize your beauty products regularly, then you need to start now!

The general safety measures can be -

1. Wash gently the makeup brushes after every use 

2. Keep the makeup tools in an airtight container

3. Sanitizing is the key

4. Putting the caps of lipsticks and liners back properly

5. Preserve in a well-cleaned space

But this pandemic asks for more -

1. Powders and Palettes

Put rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle. Use it to spray directly over the powder and makeup palettes. After that you just need to leave the powder to air-dry as you cannot water wash everything!

 2. Makeup Brushes

Sprinkle bristles and handles of the brushes with rubbing alcohol. Clean and dry the brushes using a soft cotton ball. Your makeup brushes can also be cleaned with alcohol-based brush cleansers or mild shampoos. Performing this after every use helps to de-clutter various makeup colors on the brush, hence avoiding the accumulation of bacteria.

 3. Basic Foundation

Foundation is the base for applying makeup to your skin. But is the foundation bottle clean to use? How to keep the bottle of foundation germs and infection-free? Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Use the alcohol-wet cotton to give the foundation bottle and its nozzle a solid cleaning. Safety is the priority these days!

4. Pencils and Sharpeners

Do we really need to even keep the pencils and sharpeners clean and sanitized? Let the sharpener rest in a bowl filled with rubbing alcohol for about 5 minutes before wiping it clean with a dry cotton strand. For pencils, just spray rubbing alcohol over them and wipe it with a dry cotton round. 

Sanitize your makeup kits and products during covid-19 in order to keep yourself away from catching coronavirus. Alcohol and baby shampoos serve the best when it comes to sanitizing makeup and cosmetic products. Avoid humid areas to preserve makeup! Avoid keeping it in a locked closet. Adopt the regular cleaning post every use.

These days, you get instant cleansing tools along with makeup products at the time of purchase. These help to enhance the life of these products.

It is an agreed fact that a true makeover is possible only with maintaining a proper course of health and hygiene!