Summer Wedding Makeup Tips To Look Flawless

Summer Wedding Makeup Tips to Look Flawless
Summer Wedding Makeup Tips to Look Flawless
  • Sep 19, 2019

Wedding is one of the most cherished and anxiety-ridden days for every woman. It is an important day that calls for no last-minute experimentation, so the first and the most important thing that you need to be very precise and sure about is what exactly you are going to do to look your perfect on your wedding day. Bear in mind that there are many things that can affect your wedding day differently, and one such thing is the weather. Weather can negatively or positively affect your dream day.

Every bride wants to look at her best on the wedding day, but if you are having a wedding in the summer season, you must follow some essential tips to avoid any such makeup disasters at the last moment. Summer weddings are not easy to pull off as scorching heat, and sticky humidity can severely affect your makeup and complete look. 

Long-Lasting Makeup Tips for Summer 

By following these easy tips, you can manage to stay flawless throughout your big day.

  1. Minimal Moisturizer 

Skin does not generally get dry in summer months, so it is useful if you use a minimum amount of moisturizer only where it is needed. Gel-based moisturizer is best for summer use. Avoid overusing any such makeup products that can make you look too dolled up and always try to create a perfect balance to your bridal makeup look during summers.

  1. Opt Cooling Primers 

Primers are amazing and non-negotiable during the summer months. The market today also offers cooling primes. These cooling primers help you stay cool as it keeps the heat away from your skin. Use sweat-resistant primers with SPF for a long-lasting makeup look.

  1. Say No to Heavy Foundations 

Say a big no to oil-based foundations during the summer weddings. Use a small quantity of liquid foundation as it will minimize sweat and keep your makeup intact for hours. If you have sensitive skin and not sure about the best suitable products for your skin, it is advisable to contact professional makeup artist in Noida for a detailed consultation way before your wedding.

  1. Waterproof Mascara

Black tear stains and smudgy eyes are undoubtedly the last things you would want during your big day. Right eye makeup can even complement your whole look, and that's why it is important to invest in waterproof mascara. With good quality eye makeup, you can quickly turn up your emotional side and shed some tears of joy at the end.

  1. Choose Your Shade Wisely 

Dark and bold shades are not for summer weddings. It is useful when you opt for light and nude shades for day wedding ceremonies. Also, don't forget to use a lip liner before applying your lipstick as it makes your lips look more prominent.

Last but not the least, it is equally important to keep your skin hydrated for that natural glow. For more bridal makeup tips, you can contact bridal makeup artist in Noida who will be able to take care of your makeup needs.