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Essential Eye And Base Makeup Guidelines That Every Woman Should Kno

Essential Eye and Base Makeup Guidelines that Every Woman Should Kno

Essential Eye And Base Makeup Guidelines That Every Woman Should Kno

  • 04-03-2017

Every woman is beautiful and the real beauty lies in her mind, soul and heart. To enhance and amplify the appearance, one needs to apply appropriate makeup to the face, neck and other exposed area. This will surely increases the beauty and charm quotient and makes the person attractive and immensely pretty.

There are a lot of extremely useful makeup tips- to be learnt for a flawless and charming look. Even these tips and guidelines will help one to create an absolutely professional look.

One of the very important makeup tips that needs to be remembered is about applying foundation. It is recommended to put foundation all over the face, followed by use of a tissue to wipe clear it off the cheeks. This helps it to smoothen the base without appearing artificial. It is also advisable to use powder where it is shiniest, which it typically the T-zone, with a very nimble powdering universally elsewhere. One should not use mascara to enhance eye lashes- if they are naturally big and prominent. Also one should remember to use fresh mascara- as even one month old ones give a shoddy look. One should always use the pencil and powder to the upper part of the eyebrow to boost the face for an enhanced look. People should always begin with a base shadow minus any sparkle that suits the lightest skin colour on the face and use it all over the lid till the eyebrow.

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