Makeup Tips For Dusky Skin

Makeup Tips For Dusky Skin
Makeup Tips For Dusky Skin
  • Nov 08, 2021

Dusky skin taboo is fading day by day, but people still believe that a person with dusky skin cant does a lot with makeup. We provide the best makeup artists in Delhi which will break all the taboos regarding makeup and dusky skin! Here are certain things dusky skin type ladies should consider while they are applying makeup on their skin:

1. Never underestimate your cleansing routine

Tanned complexion looks great without any doubt but if not taken care of properly there are chances for your skin texture becoming patchy and uneven. Always remind yourself to cleans and exfoliate your skin so that you can maintain that even tone on your skin. Always wash your face even before going to the best makeup artist in Delhi.

2. Find the right foundation

Choosing the right foundation is important. Even if you are going to the Best Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi, you have to make sure that the foundation they are using is accurate for your skin. Just try to choose something which is very close to your face tone. You can also mix up two shades to create your own foundation.

3. Your blush should be of perfect color

You should go for shades like deep orange, rose or coral .Always try to stay away from shades like beige and brown. For an evening occasion, some simmer and gold tones can work excellent on dark tones.

4. Try different lip colors

Matte and glossy both are perfect for a dusky complexion. You can try on for dark shades like plum, mauve etc but nudes go very well with a complexion which is dark in nature. You can also try applying some foundation on your lips to make the tone of your lips a little lighter.