Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Be Aware Of

Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Be Aware of
Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Be Aware of
  • 21-09-2018

Every bride wishes to look perfect on her wedding day and makeup is one thing which will complete the look you always desired to have in your wedding pictures. Here are some of the tips and tricks every bride should be aware before they proceed to have makeup on their skin:

1. Paint your face according to the pictures

The camera and lighting which are being used during your photo shoot really pull the glow of the makeup down, so always plan according to it. You should put a little more makeup than you actually plan to apply. You will find lots of bridal makeup artists in Delhi who will appreciate the changes you ask them to do.

2. Apply the right foundation

Ask your makeup artist to make sure that she applies foundation which matches your neck and not your cheeks .When you apply the foundation using a sponge or a brush, it will help give you a smoother finish which will not come if you use your fingers.

3. Give importance to your eyebrows

Prior to your wedding, get the eyebrows specially done by some professional. They help frame your eyes very well. Tell the Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi to shape your eyebrows with a brow pencil to define the shape well.

4. Pay attention to your teeth

Yes, teeth are a part of makeup too! Even if you manage to put on the best makeup done by the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi, it won't be good enough if you welcome all the guests with teeth not matching to your face.