Party Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Party Makeup Tutorial for Beginners
Party Makeup Tutorial for Beginners
  • Nov 08, 2021

Get ready to do party make up like Professional Makeup Artist in Delhi. Always remember makeup is to highlight your feature but not overdoing it.

Clean Face

Clean your face with mild foaming cleanser first.

Apply Moisturizer

Choose your Moisturizer based on the type of your skin i.e. dry or sensitive, normal and oily skin. Then moisturize your face to build a smooth surface to apply your party make up.

Good Concealer

To effectively covers blemishes and spots a good concealer is must. Take a concealer color in accordance with your skin color. Take a brush and apply the concealer in a triangular manner to cover the dark circles under your eye.

Foundation is Important

Next to have a flawless and beautiful look, you must apply foundation on your face and neck. Use the brush in circular motion to blend the foundation with concealer.


To maintain your party make up for a longer period of time, apply a powder of same shade of your foundation.

Dazzling Eyes

Shimmery eye-shadow or smoky eye makeup is perfect for party. After applying eye-shadow use a liquid or pencil eye liner. Brush mascara on your eyelashes. Curl your lashes with eyelash curler.


Apply blush in lightly to get a natural look and brightness on your cheeks.

Lip Liner

Your lip liner color must match the lipstick shade. This will help in holding your lipstick for a long time.


Now apply lipstick according to your choice and makeup.

Add some dazzling jewelries to match your outfit and make up to rock the party floor.

If you don’t want to take stress of doing your own make up before the party then the Party Makeup Artist in Delhi are in your service to glam up your avatar. It is just about finding an efficient and Professional Makeup Artist in Delhi and there won’t be any hassle to don the perfect look you are dreaming of.