How To Do Bridal Eye Makeup Properly

How to Do Bridal Eye Makeup Properly
How to Do Bridal Eye Makeup Properly
  • Nov 08, 2021

Wedding day, the most special day for any woman, can’t be complete without proper bridal eye makeup.

This article will help you achieve that-

Tips Prior to makeup:-

  1. Get your eyebrows done two days prior to wedding day.

  2. To avoid swelling and dark-circles under your eyes sleep well.

  3. If you are doing eye makeup yourself buy eye products before hand. Though it is always recommended to do the eye makeup on your own wedding day by professional Wedding Makeup Artist in Delhi. There is no dearth of expert Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi who will deck you up in glory like the princess from your favorite fairy tales with impeccable mastery.

Step 1.

First clean and moisturize your face completely. Take a foundation that suits your skin type and apply it thoroughly over your face and neck in steady way.

Step 2.

Smear a Concealer matching your skin tone, over any dark spots and dark-circles and around your eyes to get flawless tone.

Step 3.

Definitely choose an eye-shadow that compliment your dress color otherwise you can also go for the golden with smoky black eye makeup which can look great with any dress color. Use a good quality branded brush to put on eye-shadow over the eyelids, starting from the inner side of your eyelids to outer side. Apply second coat, stroking from the middle towards the outer corner of eyes and blend the shade.

Step 4.

After applying eye shadow apply thin layer of Kajol on the lower eyelids.

Step 5.

Next apply Eyeliner with steady hands to create the expression you want it to be. You can use false eyelashes.

Step 6.

Apply Mascara to give thick look to your eyelashes. To give shape to your lashes use a curler after the mascara gets dry.

To look like a diva from top to bottom on your wedding day, look for the Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi.