Makeup And Beauty Useful Tips For Emergencies

Makeup and Beauty Useful Tips for Emergencies
Makeup and Beauty Useful Tips for Emergencies
  • Nov 08, 2021

Beauty is an art and many women miss the point because they are busy with other things like cooking and chatting on their smartphone. Even so, there is an aspect of beauty in every woman that comes to the fore during a festival or occasion. This is the time they want to look their best and want to wear lovely clothes.

People who must look good

The people in the limelight - the film stars, sportspeople, and the newsmakers - need to look attractive all the time. But, this may not be always possible. There is much to do and a lot of running around waiting for them. The way forward for them is to use the services of the Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi. These are professionals who can achieve plenty in a short time.

They use special pigments and paints to cover the dark circles. Use of sprays and lotions helps perk up the facial skin so even tired skin begins to look fresh and appealing. You need this because the celebrities must cover these blemishes almost every day of their lives. So much so, the makeup artist knows what to do and when to do it. They grab the brush the moment the star walks into their room and in a few minutes, the celebrity is looking a million dollars - ready to face the world again.

Tricks for a speedy fix

The professionals use many tricks to get their client ready for the road in a short time. For example, they use a white liner on the eyelids so that the eye shadow pops out. This is useful to cover sleepy eyes or eyes that have sunken in the hollows. It gives an extra sparkle to the eyes. To create a smoky effect on the eyelid, they first draw a couple of lines on the eyelid. Then, they use a soft cotton ball to smudge the lines. This gives you the perfect smoky eyes.

You can get many more tips from the Professional Makeup Artist in Delhi. You can use a spoon to avoid smudge marks on the top eyelid. Hold your eyelashes against the spoon and then use your eyeliner to get the best marking. Another thing that works well is the use of the hair dryer on the eyelash curler. This heats up the curler and helps the eyelash curl faster. And, to give the extra bit of emphasis to the eyeliner, apply liquid eyeliner over the pencil.

Some more tricks

For those who suffer from fast-drying mascara, here is one easy trick. Apply some eye drops to the tube of mascara at that time when you think it is drying out. It will become soft and manageable once again. You will enjoy a long mascara life with this one. To get an even tone of the lipstick, use a brush to exfoliate the lips before you apply it. The brushing removes all the dead skin and gives you an even finish.

So, when you need to look your best, use the brush and the paint. That is if you do not have any professional makeup artist around. If there are any, use them. That is the best thing to do.