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Body Shaping Through RF Therapy

Khoobsurat experts are offering RF therapy to get your body in proper shape. This therapy is very useful in removing excess fat from the specific areas. This therapy is supervised by our medical expert so that there should not be any harm done to your body.

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Slimming Through Chocolate Therapy

With the fragrance of chocolate our experts offer you chocolate massage which not only nourishes your skin but also reduces excess fat of your body. This is very efficient in removing toxins, waste substances and excessive fluids of the body, thus reducing the volume helping in reducing the fat.

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Inch Loss And Weight Loss Session

At, Khoobsurat, we are offering weight loss and inch loss sessions so that you get proper figure in specific time duration. Our experts have tailored these programs so that you can reduce your waist and weight.

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Detox Therapy For Slimming

Khoobsurat is offering world class Detox therapy to reduce weight. Our detox therapy helps in eliminating toxic and wasteful material of your body thus decreasing the volume of celluloid to make you slim.

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Tucks Therapy

If you want to get taut & toned tummy, then you must try Khoobsurat Tummy Tuck therapy. We use latest techniques under the supervision of medical experts to remove excessive fat from your abdominal.

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Pooja Goel,
Founder, Owner
( Khoobsurat Salon )

Awarded Best makeup
Artist In Delhi

Khoobsurat is founded by one of the most eminent faces of fashion industry Ms. Pooja Goel. She has earned laudable recognition across the globe for her significant contribution to the fashion industry. At our makeup studio...

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As on TV

Makeover By Best Makeup Artist In Delhi