An Overview Of Makeup Trends

An overview of Makeup trends
An overview of Makeup trends
  • Mar 23, 2020

Looking for a Professional makeup artist in noida or nearby locations? Hold on! We at khoobsoorat serve to be the best makeup artist for your various occasions including your D- day. Beautifully run by Pooja Goel, a well known and reputed celebrity makeup artist in noida, specializing in Bridal Makeup, Professional Makeup, wedding makeup and many other services. Here,let us talk about our various Beauty and makeup services to enhance your beauty to a new level altogether! 

Being Beautiful is synonymous to all the girls and females. Some women are naturally beautiful but after a certain age they need beauty products and expert advice in order to retain their beauty. We at khoobsurat offer many beauty and hair services along with our huge range of makeups varying from bridal makeup, silicon makeup, Hd makeup, airbrush makeup, nude makeup etc.

With an aim to make every girl and female look beautiful, we also provide beauty enhancements.

By using natural and modified makeup products, we ensure that you look beautiful anytime and every time. Especially for your wedding day, we give you a subtle and beautiful look, with bright lip color, lively and smokey eyes and a blush that matches with the color of lehenga to be worn. We avoid overlapping layers and layers of makeup that make you look unpleasant and at times horrible, hence snatching off the natural glow of your skin. We at Khoobsurat use tried and tested makeup products which are handpicked by our experts, taking your skin in notice.

Talking about the makeup trends that are in a statement these days -

The darker shade of Red -

Red has always been considered as an epitome of beauty. The darker shade of red on lips has been a trendsetter. The red shade in itself is bold enough to make you look pretty and dazzling, may it be blended on your rosy cheeks or even used on your lips.

Colored lines always make your eyes look beautiful -

Eyeliners, from being basic black or even ranging in different shades of colors help enhance your eye makeup.

Bare and wear a minimum on your face -

These days brides like to put minimum artificial makeup on their face keeping it subtle and simple in look. There are brides who choose to use organic makeup products with squash of mascara and eyeliner on their face, maintaining their look with a nice voluminous hairdo. 

Smokey smudge for the beautiful eyes -

Stay off from burdening your eyes. We let your eyes speak volumes by adding dark eye makeup and a liner. And that’s enough!

For your love of pastels -

These shades being earthy as well as attractive in look, have always been on the bucket list of the new brides who wish for a natural makeover.